AchternEngine Documentation

This documentation will walk you through setting up and running AchternEngine with your custom games or demos.

If you have no idea what AchternEngine is yet, have a look on the projects homepage!

This documentation is generated from markdown sources which can be found at, feel free to fix mistakes and/or improve the documentation by sending pull requests.

But lets get started!

Project Setup

AchternEngine uses maven to handle it's dependecies and distrubute the compiled binaries!

Learn how to get started with maven or you can just download the compiled jar, using maven is recommended though.

Get creative!

After setting up your project and IDE you get started creating your very own game or basic 3D scene.

Here you can find the getting started guide, this will walk you through the basics of the engine and how to get your project up and running. If you want to dive in deeper into the matter you may like the intermediate articles or the full fledged documentation.

Get in touch!

If you have any specific questions which this documentation doesn't cover you may ask your question in the #achtern irc channel on freenode!